Center for Research and Action towards Sustainable Peace and Development (CRASPD) – Our Objectives

CRASPD-PIASSThe Center for Research and Action towards Sustainable Peace and Development (CRASPD) was established in 2015 by the Faculty of Development Studies (FDS) of the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences, PIASS (,  to share the Faculty’s expertise with the community through outreach programs involving students, faculty and staff together. Our objectives are to promote innovative peace and development practices and approaches in response to the needs of communities, more specifically

  • To promote innovative research that addresses the needs of communities in peace and development.
  • To provide students with the opportunity to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in real-world settings of peace and development work, thereby helping them to develop practical skills and career interests.
  • To respond to increasing demands and opportunities for various consultancy and training services.
  • To strengthen networks of scholars and practitioners in the field of development and peacebuilding.

We are hiring a Local Peace Advisor

PIASS is recruiting Local Peace Advisor for the Center for Research and Action towards Sustainable Peace and Development (CRASPD). The application Deadline is September 15, 2020; for more information, please check the following link:

Biannual Report

The biannual work report of CRASPD for the period of July to December 2018 is completed and can be downloaded at CRASPD_Biannual_Report_July_Dec_2018

The biannual work report of CRASPD for the first six months of 2018 can be found at: BiannualWorkReport_Jan-June2018

The 2017 annual report of the Center can be found here: CRASPD Annual Report 2017

3 thoughts on “Center for Research and Action towards Sustainable Peace and Development (CRASPD) – Our Objectives”

  1. My names are KUBWIMANA Martin! I am currently ending my studies in Master of Peace and Conflict Transformation at UNIVERSITY of RWANDA under the Center of Conflict Management (CCM). In fact, I knew CRASPD via social media platforms for their achievements and I felt more gratitude for such contributions to the world! Normally, the world’s communities need a peaceful atmosphere where conflicts are no longer destructive but constructive! The commitment of good people like the ones of CRASPD to educate people how they can develop their way of thinking in a positive way is much more needed! Nowadays, we need an essential way of thinking of we are about to survive (Einstein once quoted).

    I would be glad if If I can contribute and help you to achieve goals and objectives you settled! At any help, don’t hesitate to contact me!


  2. Greetings all, I am Tesfaye from Ethiopia working at UNDP in the capacity of Conflict Resolution, Peace Building and Reconciliation Officer at Gedeo-Guji conflict. I need some trainings which help me to deliver my responsibility with better capacity. This is to kindly ask CRASPD if you give me a chance to get any training on this regard or tell me where I got the opportunity to train. Thank you for support


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