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Seminar: “Ready for Return? priso_photo

A panel on approaches to integrate released prisoners”

As many prisoners who have been charged with Genocide crimes have now served their sentences and will be released soon, local communities need to prepare themselves for their return.

CRASPD has therefore invited a panel of practitioners who are working with those communities and prisoners to

  • learn about each other’s approaches to deal with the situation of prisoners returning to communities
  • share experiences with the situation of returning prisoners
  • get an introduction to the Restorative Dialogue approach and hear participants’ feedback
  • Inform about a Restorative Dialogue training that CRASPD and a Conference on integrated mental health and peacebuilding approaches plans in October

Date:        Friday, June 21, 2019           Time: 2.00 pm (14:00) – 5 pm (17:00)

Place:        PIASS Huye Campus, Main Educational Building

Please, find more information about the seminar here : prisoners_invi_prog_tenta

Trauma First Aid Refresher Training Conducted with
Mental Health Advisors trained in 2017 and 2018

In 2017 and 2018, 28 students from different faculties of PIASS have been trained as Trauma First Aiders/ Mental Health Advisors by CRASPD in collaboration with PIASS Peace Club to support people in emotional crisis after violent incidents and in commemoration events. We worked with local trauma counseling trainers and clinical psychologists who introduced basic concepts of trauma and healing as well as different methods of psychosocial support. In practice sessions, participants learnt to apply different techniques and exercises to support persons in emotional turmoil, under their supervision.

CRASPD, with support of the Japan Baptist Convention, organized a Trauma First Aid Refresher Training end of April 2019, for those trained Mental Health Advisors to renew and deepen what they learnt in their prior training. By strengthening their skills and confidence to help themselves and other people in situations of emotional crisis, we would like to contribute to a constructive way to deal with consequences of violence-induced traumatization in communities.

Mental Health Advisors who had been trained in Trauma First Aid in 2017 and 2018 joined the refresher training and,  in teams under supervision of our trainer and clinic psychologist Therese Uwitonze from MHDF (Mental Health Dignity Foundation) served as Mental Health Advisors during the PIASS Commemoration, in the commemoration with Umucyo Nyanza and in other events during the 2019 commemoration period,

Strategic Planning Workshop of CRASPD for the Cooperation of

The workshop had an objective of agreeing on the continuation of the cooperation of the Civil Peace Service (CPS) of GIZ (German Development Cooperation) with PIASS through the Center for Research and Action towards Sustainable Peace and Development (CRASPD). The workshop took place at Centre d’Accueil Ste Scholastique at Sovu in Huye District, for 2 days on March 25 – 26, 2019.


The Deputy Vice Chancellor of PIASS, members of the Faculty and a volunteer serving at CRASPD under the program of Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) of the US Lutheran Church were in attendance, as well as the Coordinator of the GIZ Civil Peace Service Program Rwanda – Burundi – Eastern DRC.  The workshop was facilitated by Esther Tidjani, International Peace Advisor who is the assigned expert for organizational development in the regional program of GIZ Civil Peace Service.

In the workshop, the participants reviewed the cooperation between PIASS and GIZ CPS, its history, achievements, challenges and lessons learnt. They then identified the priorities of CRASPD in 2019 around three aspects: networking, joint research and community outreach.

workGr_pic_1Then, they looked at the outcomes of the regional program of GIZ CPS and identified possibilities of future cooperation. By the end of the workshop, three objectives were formulated for the cooperation of PIASS/ CRASPD with GIZ CPS in the period between 2019 and 2022 as follow:

1) Research-informed knowledge useful for peace and development policy makers and practitioners is generated and shared, 2) Peace-building actors in the region have increased sustainable initiatives and collaboration (capacity development and networking as means on how to achieve it), and 3) Peace-building practitioners and communities have access to a training and resource center in the region.

CRASPD Biannual Report January to June 2018

The biannual report for the months of January to June 2018 can be read here: BiannualWorkReport_Jan-June2018


The Center for Research and Action towards Sustainabile Peace and Development (CRASPD) at PIASS conducts seminars with scholars and practitioners that are open to the PIASS Community and the interested public. Center for Research and Action towards Sustainable Peace and Development (CRASPD), in collaboration with PIASS Peace Club,  presented Information Seminar  OVERCOMING LEGACIES OF MASS … Continue reading

Film Screening SWEET DREAMS on International Women’s Dayimg_2099.jpg

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, CRASPD, in cooperation with the PIASS Peace Club, showed the film “SWEET DREAMS” telling the amazing story of women who mustered courage and creativity to combine their journey of reconciliation with innovative entrepreneurship. A great audience split into groups using creative methods to show the main ideas of the film by drawings and drama, as well as narration. Funds were collected to support the continuation of the work of the women’s cooperative. WomensDayFilmScreening

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