Seminar: “Ready for Return? A panel on approaches to integrate released prisoners” Friday, June 21, 2019

As many prisoners who have been charged with Genocide crimes have now served their sentences and will be released soon, local communities need to prepare themselves for their return.

CRASPD has therefore invited a panel of practitioners who are working with those communities and prisoners to

  • learn about each other’s approaches to deal with the situation of prisoners returning to communities
  • share experiences with the situation of returning prisoners
  • get an introduction to the Restorative Dialogue approach and hear participants’ feedback
  • Inform about a Restorative Dialogue training that CRASPD and a Conference on integrated mental health and peacebuilding approaches plans in October

Date:        Friday, June 21, 2019           Time: 2.00 pm (14:00) – 5 pm (17:00)

Place:        PIASS Main Educational Building