Nyanza Women’s Project

Nyanza Youth Workshop January 2018

CRASPD will hold a workshop with children of the women from Umucyo Nyanza; that group of women is a group for reconciliation made by genocide survivors and women who have husbands in prisons because of perpetrating the genocide. The workshop will take place from January 8th up to 10th, 2018 at Nyanza Peace Academy in Nyanza District.This event is a follow-up of the Youth Peacebuilding Workshop held for the same group in August 2017 (see picture of one of the activities). The group, in the end of the August workshop, decided that they would like to become a permanent group and – since they have the opportunity to meet only during school holiday times, as they are going to different Secondary Schools in the region – asked CRASPD to conduct an activity or workshop for them in every of these holiday periods.Nya_spot3ed

Specific objectives of the workshop are:

  • To strengthen the relationship among the young people
  • To give an insight to the young people on entrepreneurship and to give them an opportunity to exchange skills
  • To offer an opportunity to PIASS students to participate in activities at the grassroots’ level

Tentative topics of this workshop will be:

  1. Learn how to find friends,
  2. Entrepreneurship,
  3. Teaching what they know to each other.

Umucyo Nyanza women association is a group of women from both sides of the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994 in Nyanza who are working together for reconciliation and development.


The Women Unity Group “Umucyo Nyanza” (the Light of Nyanza) consists of genocide survivors and wives of imprisoned genocide perpetrators in Nyanza District. Bringing these women together has helped them restore their relationships with one another and improve their standards of living. It has helped them work towards peace, reconciliation, and development in their communities. Upon a suggestion of these women, the peace building workshop was intending to introduce their children to peace building approaches, thereby facilitating dialogue between these young people, so that they can dissolve mutual stereotypes and build the basis for a peaceful coexistence in their community. The workshop was held with 16 participants for 3 full days, August 7 – 9, 2017, in Kinyarwanda, in the hall of Nyanza Peace Academy.
On flip chart papers, different aspects and elements of the workshop were written (in Kinyarwanda) and symbols to show the level of participants’ satisfaction with this aspect or element of the workshop were arranged to mark them.  Participants also had space and were encouraged to add their comments, especially on what could be done better next time in a workshop like this.

Their ratings were as follows:
•    Place/ venue: 4 moderately satisfied, 4 totally satisfied
•    Food: 5 moderately satisfied, 6 totally satisfied
•    Facilitation/ methods: 2 moderately, 9 totally atisfied
•    Content/ topics:  1 moderately, 9 totally satisfied
•    Overall: 10 totally satisfied

Comments they wrote on the evaluation flip chart paper:
•    I’m appreciating how the workshop was done and I wish them to come back again to build our good future
•    I want to come back again
•    I ask all of us to come to participate or share ideas with others


Ratings for Exercises:
•    Arm wrestling exercise: 9 totally satisfied
•    Conflict Brainstorming: 1 moderately satisfied, 8 totally satisfied
•    Groups on conflict experiences: 7 totally satisfied
•    Struggle Lines: 8 totally satisfied
•    Violence Barometer: 9 totally satisfied
•    Managing Anger: 5 moderately satisfied, 8 totally satisfied
•    Listening exercise: 12 x totally satisfied
•    Secret spot exercise: 11 totally satisfied,
•    Trust Walk exercise : 8 totally satisfied
•    Forum Theater: 10 totally satisfied
•    Friendship; 10 totally satisfied
•    Affirmation Posters: 11 totally satisfied

On participants’ request, the workshop was closed with a word of prayer, and its conclusion celebrated with music and dance.

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