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New Local Peace Advisor, New Interns

As PIASS has partly re-opened after having obtained permission from the Higher Educational Council—which checked the conditions for observing COVID-safety measures—CRASPD has resumed face-to-face meetings every two weeks and welcomed new colleagues:

Olivier Sindambiwe has started his work as a Local Peace Advisor with the support of GIZ Civil Peace Service, and he will take over from Floriane Niyungeko who will be pursuing further studies in Queensland, Australia. Olivier, who holds an MA in Development Studies from the University of Rwanda, has already been an Assistant Lecturer at PIASS for some years and participated in our Speaking Peace at Work seminar on Nonviolent Communication in the professional context. We are glad to have Olivier on board and are now introducing him to the work CRASPD is engaged in, such as activities in the GIZ CPS Regional Program, the Umucyo Nyanza Women’s Association project, and ongoing research on resource management. Floriane has been so kind to agree on an extension of her contract for one more month so that the two have a smooth handover process.

We are delighted that our Peace & Conflict Studies graduate Linda Balola from the DR Congo, who is an AVP facilitator and has supported various CRASPD activities in the past, has volunteered to do a professional internship at CRASPD. She has been part of the teams that facilitate AVP workshops and NVC activities and has carried out a literature review for the regional peace actors mapping as a part of the joint project we are implementing in collaboration with the Thematic Working Group of the GIZ CPS Regional Program.

Liesse Horimbere, a Peace & Conflict Studies graduate who holds an MA from the University of Antwerp, continues to volunteer with CRASPD, is supporting diverse activities of the UNWA project and serving as an interviewer in the above mentioned regional peace actors mapping.

Two of the final-year students of the Peace & Conflict Studies BA program, Vivien and Cesar, are currently doing their academic internship of two months with CRASPD and primarily support the UNWA Project.