News and Upcoming Events

Peace and Development Seminar August 26, 2019

CRASPD is planning to hold a Seminar on “The Role of Commemoration Rituals in Restoring Relationships in Postgenocide Rwanda” on Monday, August 26, 2019, at 15:00, in the PIASS Main Educational Building. The presenter will be the Dean of the PIASS Faculty of Development Studies, Rev. Célestin Nsengimana, who is also a PhD candidate at the Protestant Theological University in Amsterdam. He works on a PhD research project titled “Genocide Commemoration and reconciliation in Rwanda. Description and Analysis from a Liturgical Ritual Perspective.” More at Celestin_CRASPD Seminar_d2

Stephen and Chol:
A volunteer goes back to the US, and a student intern heads up to graduation

In June, we bid farewell to Stephen Bryant, our volunteer from the Lutheran Church who had helped us tremendously by taking notes, proofreading texts, actively participating in workshops and trainings, and developing and improving this website. We cannot thank him enough for all the commitment, diligence and care that Stephen offered, often going beyond what we had asked him to do by asking clarifications, working faster than we had even asked him to, and contributing his thoughts and experiences in a humble and very helpful manner. In a small celebration, we bid farewell to Stephen who is now back to the US to continue his studies.

In the same small event, we also thanked Cyrillo Chol Machar who had supported many activities, especially of the Alternatives to Violence Program and Critical Thinking Trainings. Machar has also taken part in creating a Resource and Training Center for Sustainable Peace and Development. We are grateful for his commitment, thoughtfulness, and humor that he brought into our day-to-day work, and we wish him the best of luck to finalize his studies, including his dissertation and his professional career as a peacebuilder!

Alternatives to Violence Program:
Basic Level Workshop October 2019

A three-day basic workshop of the Alternatives to Violence Program is planned for October 2019. If you are interested to join, please contact us at


Restorative Dialogue Training October 20 – 24, 2019

CRASPD will organize a training on the “Restorative Dialogue” approach that combines conflict management with mental healing, for staff and volunteers of partner organizations and peacebuilders in the region. This approach to restoring harmony in communities through a circle process involving all community members who are / were involved in or affected by violence was developed by Dominic Barter, a certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication. (, or and CRASPD has invited Duke Duchscherer, an internationally acknowledged trainer of Restorative Dialogue and CNVC certified trainer of Nonviolent Communication, to lead our training in October.  The Restorative Dialogue 5-day training will include an introduction to the characteristics and steps of the Restorative Circles process and a multitude of opportunities to practice different techniques of this approach. Twenty persons from different partner organizations and institutions of PIASS and GIZ CPS will be invited to participate. 

Healing for Peace Conference October 27 – 29, 2019

Under the title “Healing for Peace: Caring for mental wounds to help communities after large scale violence” CRASPD will organize a conference with representatives of different integrated approaches for peacebuilding through psychological support. They will learn more about each other’s approaches and find a safe platform to discuss the conditions, challenges and effective practices to integrate psychological support into peacebuilding programs.

The discussions and networking between the different regional actors during the conference will contribute to the ongoing cooperation to develop effective practices for combining support for mental wellbeing with peacebuilding after violent conflict.  This conference also aims at building sustainable working relationships between actors from various organizations and institutions working in the field.

Invitation to international African youth: Apply for Scholarships to Study Peacebuilding in Rwanda

We are pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for 7 competent African international students who would like to pursue the 3-year Honors Bachelor’s degree in Peace-Building and Development from October 2019 at our Huye campus (See the program description attached). This scholarship program aims to is provide young people from African countries, especially but not limited to those in the Great Lakes Region, with high quality training in peace-building and development, thereby fostering a network of “peace-builders” across national boundaries. Currently, students from nine different countries are actively taking part in the program. Successful applicants will receive the full amount of tuition fees and medical insurance expenses for 3 years.

More at:

Invitation to RwandanYouth: Apply for Partial Scholarships to Study Peace-Building and Development

We are pleased to announce availability of partial scholarships for 10 well-motivated and competent Rwandan students who would like to pursue the 3-year Honors Bachelor’s degree in Peace-Building and Development from October 2019 at our Huye campus. Teaching language is ENGLISH.

Successful applicants will receive half (50%) of the tuition fees and annual registration fees (RWF 172,500/year) for three years. Accommodation and other living expenses required for studying in Huye as well as fees for internship and dissertation project during the final year (RWF 150,000) must be covered by the student or his/her own sponsor.

More at: