News, Updates, and Upcoming Events

CRASPD going online in line with the lockdown and covid safety measures

From March until June, Rwanda had been following a 24/7 curfew: Citizens were not permitted to leave their homes except for food and medicine. As a consequence, we were all working from home and had weekly online meetings.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the CRASPD team is still mainly working from home and doing online meetings to coordinate activities. Since the lockdown was lifted, we had a few face-to-face meetings, outside in the beautiful garden of PIASS wearing masks and practicing social distancing., These face-to-face meetings were more refreshing and lively than our online gatherings and gave us more of a real-life idea about how everyone is faring. We were able to share about our fears, worries and hopes of the current situation. We are grateful for this possibility and hope that we can continue to work outside in the green as much as possible.

Volunteers: Linda, Margaret

One of our graduating students, Linda from DR Congo, who is also one of our trained AVP Learning Facilitators and had participated in the Restorative Dialogue Training, supported our efforts to sort the files concerning the many AVP workshops. Thanks to her support, we now can find materials much more efficiently, adding to the joy of work. Thank you, Linda!

Margaret, a Fulbright scholar from the US, specialized in Rhetoric, and an activist trying to bring reading and writing to people here who otherwise have few opportunities to grow in these fields, is volunteering with us: she is helping Serge with the development of marketing materials for the Umuyco Nyanza Womens’ Association workshop and supports us in improving what we write in our reports and on this website. We are grateful for this committed expert support!

Basils Internship

Basil, another of our graduating students who is also a schoolteacher, completed his internship in instalments: whenever there were school holidays, he joined Serge in the Nyanza project, helping the women in their daily activities and supported the center in other tasks. As an AVP Learning Facilitator, he also joined a teambuilding day for an NGO in December and is helping the PIASS Peace Club –whose president he was in 2018/19 – in different activities.

Linda: a graduate serves as voluntary intern

In June, PIASS held a graduation ceremony in its Karongi Campus to certify the students who had completed their study programs in the Academic Year 2018/19. Among them was Linda Balola Sylvine from DRC who earned a BA Degree in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies. During the time between the completion of her dissertation and the graduation event, she had already contributed to the work of CRASPD by preparing an assessment on the impacts of PIASS activities on the stereotypes regional students hold on each other. Now, after her graduation, she is contributing to the activities of the Alternatives to Violence Program as an AVP Learning Facilitator, but also in supporting CRASPD the administrative tasks connected to different activities. We are grateful for having this great boost of our capacities to make things happen!