CRASPD_staff_May2017The CRASPD team consists of

  • the Center’s Coordinator and Head of the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, Dr. Kazuyuki Sasaki,
  • the Center’s  Assistant Coordinator, Serge Muvunyi,
  • Peace Program Officer Floriane Niyungeko, and
  • International Peace Advisor, Anne Dietrich.

Our working language is English, but we speak Japanese, Kinyarwanda, Kirundi, French and German, too.

Our team also works with the lecturers of the Faculty of Development Studies, the founding body of the Center,  who join us in planning and carrying out consultancy work, research projects, and projects in support of local communities. Please, find all team members and their capacities below, or read more in our service profile.

  • Fortunée Bayisenge Dean of Faculty of Development Studies, Senior Lecturer at PIASS: experienced in development studies, public policy and management, gender and development, policy analysis, strategic planning, and program evaluation
  • Anne Dietrich, International Peace Advisor, Civil Peace Service GIZ: capacity building in participatory and experience based training, nonviolent conflict transformation, communication in conflict, and conflict sensitive programming
  • Sang Hoon Lee, Lecturer at PIASS: project evaluation and management consultancy, based on more than 20 years of experience with international NGOs in various African and Asian countries
  • Dr. Joséphine Mukabera, Lecturer at PIASS, Head of Department of Rural and Community Development: development project planning and evaluation, gender related training and projects, group facilitation, and research in social studies and projects. She is a trainer and supervisor in trauma and mental health care
  • Serge Muvunyi, Assistant Coordinator CRASPD, Graduate of Peace & Conflict Studies program at PIASS: planning, organizing and facilitating conflict management workshops, reconciliation processes, supporting community reconciliation projects
  • Celestin Nsengimana, Lecturer at PIASS: conflict sensitive programming, monitoring and evaluation of development and peace projects
  • Dr. Kazuyuki Sasaki, Head of PIASS Peace & Conflict Studies program, Coordinator of CRASPD: restorative justice and reconciliation in peacebuilding, NGOs and peacebuilding and nonviolence and nonviolent action
  • Gloriose Umuziranenge, Assistant Lecturer at PIASS, Head of Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management: conflicts in natural resources, environment and sustainable development, climate change and development
  • Dr. Penine Uwimbabazi, Lecturer at PIASS, Director of Quality Assurance: training facilitation, nonviolent conflict transformation , reconciliation, program monitoring and evaluation and constructive communication at work place

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